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If you want to find a property you'll be pleased to know that homes here are extremely varied so there's sure to be something to suit your tastes, as well as your budget. This is one of the oldest cities in England – but you can rest assured it hasn't simply stayed in the past. The city had a huge influx of regeneration in the eighties and nineties, so the old and new now combine to create an eclectic atmosphere. If you're into culture and heritage, the area still boasts plenty to see and do. There are remains of Roman Baths to be visited, Abbey ruins to be viewed, and a whole host of historical buildings that are simply stunning to behold. For the more modern amongst us, there are shopping and eating facilities galore, including the city's famous market – the largest of its kind in Europe.

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Houses and apartments in the area are abundant, so you have a good chance of finding the home of your dreams. In the city there are apartment of all shapes and sizes to buy – cheap property for rent is a possibility here too, with lots of choice of cost-effective flats and houses in the city and suburbs. Outside of the city centre you'll find houses with beautifully rustic character – including Georgian homes, Victorian villas and Edwardian terraces. Then there are the typical pre-war semis popular with families, as well as new build estates. Rented accommodation has become more popular in the area in recent years and the market is now thriving. As the area is a successful centre of commerce, young professionals regularly come to the area to seek employment so there are a variety of suitable properties to let.